Workshop Format:
Student workshops are offered as stand alone sessions or a series of sessions that build on each other. Each workshop runs for 40 – 120 minutes. Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your students and school. Our workshops cover a range of Philosophical themes and contemporary issues, across the major branches of Philosophy.

Group size:
Workshops are designed for groups of 12 – 30 students.

Year levels:
Workshops are offered for students from Year 3 to Year 12.

As life’s big questions are explored using a rigorous inquiry process, respect and reason are developed and practised. By listening to each other, building on each other’s ideas and understanding that there may be many possible answers, students learn to be fair and open-minded, intellectually cooperative and mutually respectful.

By reflecting on prevailing beliefs, exploring possible alternatives and giving and accepting reasons, they learn to be reflective, sensitive to meaning, divergent, and reasonable.

Students will learn how to…

  • think clearly

  • express their ideas clearly and confidently to others

  • work collaboratively to approach controversies and issues with an open mind, and respect for differing views

  • use evidence to support their claims

  • question the underlying and hidden assumptions of claims

  • evaluate different ideas, and discern which evidence and claims are the most true or helpful

  • reflect on their own and other’s reasoning

  • improve their reasoning skills and make well-thought out judgements

Space requirements:
A classroom (or similar space) that is free from distractions. Chairs set up in a circle for all participants and the facilitator, and clear access to a whiteboard.

Technology requirements:
Facilities to present audio-visual materials. Typically this includes a projector, speakers and appropriate cables or wifi to connect the facilitator’s laptop to the projector.

Investment for 2024 workshops:
Half day (1 facilitator for 3 hours)    $ 733
Full day (1 facilitator for 6 hours)    $ 1,102