Lesson 13: Murder at the Hotel de Rationale

Lesson type: GameThemes: Deductive reasoning, mistakes in reasoning, fallacies (Logic and Reasoning)Focus reasoning skill: InferencePurpose: To apply knowledge of deductive reasoning and fallacies to identify the murderer. Resources needed Per

Lesson 12: Katy or Justin?

Lesson type: ActivityFocus reasoning skills: Quality of reasons, Strong generalisationsRule focus: As neededThemes: Good argument (Logic and Reasoning)Purpose: To apply knowledge of argument in a light-hearted context.AT END OF SEMESTER

Lesson 11: Should we kill animals for food?

Lesson type: Community of philosophical inquiryThemes: Animal suffering, value of a life, following an argument (Ethics, Logic and Reasoning) Focus reasoning skill: Discussion mapping during community of philosophical inquiry |

Lesson 10: Mapping the Argument

Lesson type: Explicit teaching, ExerciseTheme: Developing sound argument (Logic and Reasoning) Focus reasoning skill: Following an argument Purpose: To introduce students to argument mapping * Argument mapping: Background for teacher:Mature

Lesson 7: Fallacies

Lesson type: Explicit teachingThemes: Mistakes in reasoning (Logic and Reasoning) Focus reasoning skill: Mistakes in reasoning | Rule focus: As needed Purpose: To identify fallacies of Ad Hominem, False alternative,