Lesson 1: Injustice

Lesson type: Community of philosophical inquiryThemes: Consideration of injustice, social contract theory and our duty to others (Social and Political Philosophy)Focus inquiry/reasoning skill: Considering other points of viewPurpose: To foreground

Lesson 2: Driverless Cars

Lesson type: Setting the agenda for discussionThemes: Responsibility, caring, right and wrong (Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy)Focus inquiry skill: Open intellectual questionsRule focus: ListeningPurpose: To raise open, intellectual, philosophical questions

Lesson 1: Arty Party

Lesson Type: Setting the agenda for discussion Themes: Art, ownership (Aesthetics, Ethics) Focus inquiry skill: Raising open, philosophical questions | Rule focus: We listen to each other Purpose: To raise

Lesson 2: The Heinz Dilemma

Year 7, Term 2 Unit: Who Cares? Lesson type: Setting the agenda for discussionThemes: Justice, fairness (Social and Political Philosophy/Ethics) Specific inquiry skill: Open intellectual questions | Rule focus: Listening