Year 9: Moral Choices – Would You Eat Your Cat?

Lesson type: Community of philosophical inquiryThemes: Making moral decisions with consideration of utilitarian, deontological and virtue theoriesFocus inquiry/reasoning skill: Considering other points of viewPurpose: To apply previous learning in ethics

Lesson 15: A Philosophy of Life

Lesson type: Community of Philosophical InquiryThemes: Ethical behaviour (Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, L&R) Focus inquiry skill: Other points of view, working togetherPurpose: To think about what it means to

Lesson 5: Could we all just be a brain in a vat?

Lesson type: Philosophical Community of InquiryThemes: Identity, artificial intelligence (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic and Reasoning, Ethics) Focus inquiry skill: Making intellectual progress, summarising Purpose: Further examination of identity & personhood in