Unit Outline (15 lessons)

Unit: How should we live our lives?Themes: Social Justice, Social Contract theory, Moral decision-making, Cooperation, Competition, Responsibility, Gender equality/inequality, Deception, Exploitation, Rights, Ownership vs custodianship, Climate change, Argument and argument mapping, Assumptions, Hidden premises, (Social and

Unit Outline (17 lessons)

Name of units: What is there and how do I know? How should we live our lives?NB: Whilst this semester is primarily related to the unit, 'What is there and how

Lesson 15: A Philosophy of Life

Lesson type: Community of Philosophical InquiryThemes: Ethical behaviour (Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, L&R) Focus inquiry skill: Other points of view, working togetherPurpose: To think about what it means to

Lesson 12: Types of Reasoning

Lesson type: Explicit teachingThemes: Deductive, inductive and hypothetical reasoning, inference, justification (Logic and Reasoning)Focus inquiry skill: Justification and inference Purpose: To foreground types of reasoning, including the difference between deductive,

Lessons 7 and 8: Argument mapping assignment

Purpose: To assess student knowledge of how to map an argument, then take and justify a position based on that argument map. Resources needed PPT: Argument mapArgument-Mapping-Assignments (per student)Argument-map.template Sheet