Unit Outline (9 lessons)

Name of unit: It’s Time!Themes: Time, change, perception, perspective (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic and Reasoning)Books used for this unit:Cam, P.  (1993) Thinking Stories 1 Philosophical Inquiry for Children, Hale & Iremonger, NSW.Cam, P. (1993) Thinking Stories

Lesson 9: Reflection

Lesson type: ReflectionSpecific inquiry Skill: Reflective thinking Purpose: To reflect on PI in general and ‘time’ in particular Resources needed YouTube clip, The Twin ParadoxBall Reflection sheet per student Show

Lesson 8: Analogies for Time

Lesson type: Reasoning skill developmentTheme: Making connections and analogies (Logic and Reasoning)Reasoning focus: Analogous reasoning | Rule focus: Everyone’s ideas are important Purpose: To learn more about analogies and what

Lesson 7: Time and Change

Lesson type: Exercise and discussionThemes: Change, reversing time, living forever (Metaphysics, Logic and Reasoning, Ethics) Inquiry focus: Other points of view, other possibilities Rule focus: We listen to each other

Lesson 6: Logical Impossibilities

Lesson type: Exercise and DiscussionTheme: Following an argument (Logic and reasoning) Rule focus: Thinking about what others mean | Specific reasoning skills: Logical impossibilities and contradictions Purpose: To introduce logical

Lesson 5: Is Time Travel Possible?

Lesson type: Activity and ExerciseTheme: Time travel (Metaphysics, Logic and Reasoning) Specific inquiry skill: Exploring disagreement respectfully | Rule focus: We think about what others mean Reasoning skills: Conditional inference-making,

Lesson 3: Out of Time

Lesson type: Setting the agenda for discussionTheme: Time, change, memories, existence (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic and Reasoning) Inquiry skill: Seeking and offering clarification | Rule focus: Thinking about what others mean

Lesson 2: How fast does time pass?

Lesson type: Activity and DiscussionTheme: Time, perception, perspective (Metaphysics) Inquiry skill: Listening carefully to the views of others | Rule focus: We think about what others mean Purpose: To explore

Lesson 4: Past, Present or Future?

Lesson type: Community of Philosophical InquiryTheme: Time, change, existence, perception (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic and Reasoning) Inquiry skills: Other points of view, seeking clarification Rule focus: There may be many suitable